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Mobile Mammography Unit Traveling the South Plains

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so it's the perfect time to pick up the phone and schedule a mammogram. And it's no excuse if you live outside of Lubbock, because Covenant is making its mobile mammography available in lots of area towns throughout the month, at the dates listed below:

  • Littlefield on October 11at Lamb County Healthcare Center at l500 S. Sunset
  • Lubbock on October 12 at Covenant Community Services at 4122 22nd Place
  • Tahoka on October 14 at the Family Wellness Clinic at 1705 Lockwood
  • Seminole on October l8 at Seminole Memorial Hospital at 207 NW 8th St.
  • Spur on October 20 at Spur Clinic off of Highway 70
  • Lubbock on October 21 at the Community Health Center at Ave. M & Main St.
  • Brownfield on October 25 at Brownfield Regional Medical Center, 705 E. Felt
  • Denver City is on October 27 at West Texas Medical Center at 4l5 N. Avenue F
  • Another Lubbock location is on October 28 at the South Plains Mall
  • Seagraves on October 26 at Seagraves Senior Citizens Center at1206 Avenue F

Mammography costs include two portions, the technical portion or actual performing of the x-ray exam and the subsequent interpretation of the mammography films by a radiologist. All or a portion of these costs are covered by medicare, medicaid and most private health plans and HMO's.

The technical cost for the mammography exam by Covenant Mobile Mammography unit is $104. Professional fees for the interpretation of the films are billed separately by the radiologist. Financial assistance for the exam and radiologists fees is available to qualified individuals.

For more information on Covenant's Mobile Mammography program or to schedule an appointment call (806) 725-6579 or toll free at 1-800-388-6266 . Call either number to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Catherine Ronaghan, a Lubbock surgeon, says women who are age 40 or have a family history of breast cancer can not afford to ignore regular mammograms.

"Even after all the controversial studies that are around mammography is the best we've got as far as early detection and so I want to shake people when they have a lump and they're like oh its probably nothing and you know a year or two goes by. It just takes a lot more work to get those people through a more advanced breast cancer than when its detected really early," says Dr. Ronaghan.

Also if you have questions about breast cancer, Dr. Ronaghan is making herself available to answer those questions at a luncheon at Covenant Lakeside next Tuesday, October 12. It's a "Brown Bag Lunch" or you can buy lunch for $5. You do need to make a reservation though. Call (806) 725-6667.

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