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Plains Still Struggling with Water

Folks at Plains First Baptist shared more than faith at the weekly dinner. A show of hands from parishioners directly affected by Tuesday's downpour.

"It soaked about half way through the house," said Jim Barron. He's since barricaded the front of his home with bales of hay. "If it comes again I hope to turn the water to where it'll drain off instead of coming through my house," he said.

Over four inches in just six hours. Transforming the park into a Louisiana swamp, submerging the dugouts at the baseball field, and creating the incongruous site of a boat passing an oil rig. "When you get that amount of water in that short of time it just doesn't run off fast enough," said County Commissioner Jack Cobb. He assessed the damage from the air. "We have trouble with washed out roads and flooded streets and flooded homes," he said.

Why was Plains in particular hit so hard? A stubborn storm cell that refused to move once it arrived. "This was a very big rain event. I think the weather station recorded 3/4 of an inch in five minutes," said Meteorologist Duncan Axisa.

"Just incredible," said Yoakum County Water Conservation Program Manager Gary Walker. "15 years I've lived here. I was raised on the coast. I've been through a hurricane, had my house hit by a tornado in the panhandle. This is so, so unusual," he said.

As the water runs its course, local residents have been turned into tourists, capturing unbelievable sights in their own back yards.

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