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A faster pain-free approach to hip replacements

A new approach to hip replacements is helping patients become pain-free faster by operating on the hip through a different angle.      

Traditionally, doctors operate through the back of the hip or the posterior, a method that requires them to cut through large muscles, leading to more pain and a longer recovery time.      

But now, some like Dr. Mark Zawadsky, with Medstar Georgetown University, are taking the anterior approach, going through the front, for what may bring a faster recovery.

"When you go around the front, we don't have to detach any muscles. We just can separate them and pull them out of the way. It's not 100% pain free. It's still a hip replacement but what we found in the early period, it's much easier in terms of getting in and out of the bed and walk," says Dr. Zawadsky.

He also says going through the front is a more complicated surgery. But, after studying 150 cases, the hip replacements in which surgeons used the front approach, typically got out of the hospital a day sooner.

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