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Kristi Robinson Pays It Forward: 11/25


This week's Pay It Forward starts out near South Loop 289 and University Avenue. We set up with our Pay It Forward sign searching for this week's playmaker.

Kristi Robinson spotted our sign within a minute or two of setting up. Kristi pulled into the parking lot immediately. She had watched Pay It Forward and knew exactly how it worked.

Kristi decided to help Yolanda Barnes who works with Kristi at a local vision care center. Kristi explained that Yolanda has a daughter who has undergone knee surgery. They have no insurance and she thought Yolanda could use some help.

When asked why she chose Yolanda, Kristi explained, "She's just so nice, so giving, such a wonderful person. I know she could use the help."

We took a short drive across Lubbock to the vision clinic where Yolanda works. When we arrived, Kristi and our crew walked into the building and caught Yolanda completely off guard.

Kristi counted out $300 to Yolanda. Yolanda was speechless.

She tearily replied, "I don't know what to say."

Kristi and Yolanda exchanged hugs. Yolanda said she will use the money to help out with medical bills that have accumulated from her daughter's two knee surgeries.

Yolanda thanked her and said, "I would have done the same thing for her."

Be looking for our Pay It Forward sign soon. You may become our next playmaker who makes a difference across the South Plains!

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  • Pay It Forward

    Pay It Forward

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    If you had $300 to give away, who would you help?

    If you had $300 to give away, who would you help?

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