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Oven problems put Salvation Army behind schedule


Preparations are underway for what's expected to be nearly 500 people at the Salvation Army on Thursday.

Turkeys are cooked, stuffing is mixed and dishes are covered, ready to be cooked. But a malfunctioning oven has put the preparations behind schedule.

"It's been acting up. We got it fixed, now it's another part that went out," said Salvation Army Chef Robert Ramirez. "It's so old it has to be ordered. It might take up to a week to get that part."

The top part of the oven won't stay warm. Robert says the oven is so old that the burners are rusted over. That's creating problems with other parts of the oven that tell it to stay hot. Chef Robert showed us the problem. The dial was set to 350, but when he opened the door, the thermometer inside read 200.

Thanks to a private donation, a new oven has been purchased but it will take three weeks to arrive.

That's good for Christmas, but the Thanksgiving meal is causing major headaches in the kitchen.

"We're trying to do 100 turkeys; I am a day behind," Ramirez said. "I'm trying not to panic. I'm trying not to freak out. I'm trying to get everything done."

Ramirez says normally by this time they have 50 turkeys cooked and ready to go. This year they only have 32, but some locals are stepping up to help.

"Mary Waller who owns Danny's Fins and Hens has agreed for us to bring the turkeys over there and she's going to cook them for us," said Lubbock Lion's Club volunteer Cecil Puryear.

Cecil and another Lion's Club volunteer loaded a pickup truck with 40 turkeys. They say they're just happy to help.

"It's just a need in the community. We're thankful for all the work the Salvation Army does and wherever we can help out we try and help out," Puryear said.

Ramirez says the Salvation Army still needs volunteers to help them prepare food. If you are interested you can head down to 1614 Avenue J and they will put you to work, or you can call (806) 765-9434.

The meal is on Thursday between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. at 1614 Avenue J.

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