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The A,B,C, to keeping your vision healthy

It doesn't seem like blindness would be a common threat to people in their twenties, but it is, if they are untreated for diabetes, and often unaware that they even have the disease.      

Dr. Kelly Mitchell, an ophthalmologist with Texas Tech Physicians, says the best way to protect our vision is to remember the acronym track.

"To keep track of your diabetes, would be to take all your medication, reach and maintain a healthy weight, work some activity into your day, just simple walking, C is control your blood sugar, your blood pressure and cholesterol, and the K is kicking all those unhealthy habits, so any smoking and excess drinking."

Annual eye exams are not just important for school kids to see if they need glasses. Dr. Mitchell also says that as an adult, that annual eye exam could protect you from changes that could steal your vision.

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