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Tips to enjoying a gluten-free Thanksgiving

If there's someone in your house who needs to stick to a gluten free diet, Thanksgiving could be a nightmare for the cook.  Especially since gluten can be sneaky.      

Typically, it's in products with wheat, barley or rye, but it could also be hiding in your turkey.  

"The turkey that you buy for thanksgiving may have fillers added to it that contain gluten," says Lisa Comperman with the UH Case Med Center.  

Specifically, gluten is often added to gravy or seasoning packets that may be included with your turkey, or other side dishes.      

It's important to remember, if gluten is a concern, you can't brine your turkey in beer, since beer also contains gluten.      

But there are good options out there.  Just read the label.  You can still find gluten free cornbread, or gluten free pie crust.      

In fact, those who are looking for gluten free products can be thankful there are more options than ever before since Americans spend billions of dollars a year on the products.

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