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Food for Thought 11/28


Some Lubbock restaurants have a perfect health inspection to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, but two other restaurants find themselves at the bottom of the Food for Thought list.

KCBD NewsChannel 11's Christy Hartin dishes out the details.

A new Lubbock restaurant debuts on the Food for Thought list with 14 critical violations.

Churrasca Brazilian Steakhouse at 6015 82nd has been opened for just more than a month now; management tells us they are working closely with Lubbock health inspectors to comply with requirements that are a little different from what they're used to.

Let's take a look at those violations:

  • Cooked chicken was not cooling properly.
  • Sliced tomatoes and green beans were above the safe cold temperature.
  • Mashed potatoes were not at least 135 degrees.
  • Employees were not properly washing their hands when changing gloves.
  • Knife sharpeners and a rag were in a hand sink. An open drink was in the kitchen.
  • Onions were molded, and there were fruit flies on them.
  • Raw chicken and raw bacon were stored above raw beef and ready to eat items.
  • Milk and raw chicken did not have a date mark.
  • A blue cleaning liquid did not have a label.
  • The dish wash machine was sanitizing at toxic levels.
  • There was no thermometer in a cooler.
  • An ice scoop was on a dirty surface. Dirty pans were with clean ones.
  • A consumer advisory was not posted near the buffet table alerting customers to use a clean plate each time. There was no advisory posted about the consumption of under-cooked foods.

The inspector notes, due to the number and the nature of the violations - management did not show proper food safety knowledge.

Management tells us everything has been corrected. The manager tell us they're working with health inspectors to make sure they know all the regulations.

Ruby Tequila's at 413 University had six critical violations.

  • An employee did not wash their hands before putting on gloves.
  • An employee handled lettuce with their bare hands.
  • Uncovered drinks were throughout the kitchen.
  • Raw egg batter were above ready-to-eat lettuce. Raw ground beef was stored over whole cuts of beef. Raw beef was stored above a beer keg in the walk-in cooler, and the keg had dried blood stains on it.
  • Spray cleaners were not in the correct place.
  • Weather tape was used to fix the inside of an ice machine.

Management says everything has been corrected; the report shows that as well.

Now to the top of the list. Here are the four restaurants that are giving thanks this week to a perfect score:

  • El Gallito at 914 E. 34th
  • Local Sports Grill at 2420 Broadway
  • Sonic Drive-In at 5722 4th
  • Triple J Chophouse at 1807 Buddy Holly.

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