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Food Bank touching lives, helping families across the South Plains


It may look like an ordinary cardboard box, but to many people here on the South Plains, its contents will fill more than just an empty stomach.

Donny Phillips gets one box of food every week and although he hasn't depended on them for very long, it's made a profound difference in his life.

"I am just so thankful that they are there," Phillips said. "For me and for other families."

In a span of just six months, Phillips lost three family members and has been battling a series of unexpected challenges ever since.

"Sometimes you take life for granted, and to think that there are people out there that are maybe less fortunate than I am."

Phillips says help from the food bank helps him make ends meet.

"I can take money and use it for gas or something else that I need, so it really, really helps," he said.

Phillips says this experience has given him a new respect for people who dedicate their lives to help him and so many others.

"They're just wonderful people. They help you and pray with you if you need it. It's a really great thing." Phillips said. "They just do what they have to do to get out there and help us."

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