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Remember to bring pets indoors as temperatures drop


Temperatures are expected to dip to single digits for the first time this season and Lubbock's Salvation Army is making sure people who don't have a warm place to stay are protected.

But there is another group that also needs help.

Veterinarian Larry Farley is asking pet owners to bring their pets inside Friday night.

He says if you must keep them outside, make sure the dog house is big enough for the dog to fit in but small enough to retain the dog's body heat.

He says some dogs can brave these winter weather conditions a bit better, but short-haired dogs, tiny dogs, and especially older dogs have to be kept warm,

"Their thyroid glands are pretty slow to respond so they can't ramp up their metabolism. So every year we'll actually have older dogs freeze to death," said Dr. Farley.

Dr. Farley says they already had to treat one hypothermic dog this winter.

He says the best way to tell if your pet needs to come inside is if it's shivering.

The Salvation Army normally does not allow pets into their shelter. But spokesperson for the organization Justin Eatherly says they re-evaluate their policy in bitter cold, life-threatening temperatures.

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