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Todd Klein considers life after the council

District 3 Councilman Todd Klein District 3 Councilman Todd Klein
Todd Klein in 2007 Todd Klein in 2007

It's the end of a chapter for Councilman Todd Klein.

"I'm very excited about going into private citizenship. I think there's a lot of stuff civilly, privately that I and a lot of other private citizens can push for," Klein sad.

His life in the political arena began in 2007. Klein won a runoff election for the District 3 seat against Kevin Glasheen.

Klein says for him, the public always came first.

"I've always said listen to the public, look at the facts, consult your conscience and you should be able to take on any of these issues," he said. "What I enjoy the most is what I began with, which is visiting with the public, speaking to the citizens one on one and then as a group."

Klein says some of the distractions and bickering within the council took the focus away from the people but overall he is proud of the legacy he leaves behind.

"We achieved evening meetings and quarterly reports. I think process often correlates to good public policy so we've done a lot in terms of public policy and changing the procedures to make things more acceptable for the people we work for."

As for holding a political office in the future, Klein is not opposed to the idea.

"Who knows what happens down the road," he said. "I think at some point in time, if an opportunity presents itself, I'll have the same discussion I did when I was looking at running."

Klein's final day will be sometime in May, or June if there is a runoff. He says that day will be emotional, but he looks forward to life as a private citizen in the near future.

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