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Poison Ivy Safety, why it might be easier to catch than you think

Here's something you might never think would happen after lighting a fire-pit at a camp site, or in the backyard outside grandma's house.

 But take it from Todd Taylor; be careful where you collect your firewood. After a bonfire, he ended up with itchy eyes. The next day, his symptoms were the chills and a fever. Turns out it was a reaction to poison ivy, not from touching the plant, but from breathing in the fumes, since the wood that was burned had some of the oils from a nearby plant.

"Systemic poison ivy is an extreme allergic reaction to the oils from the poison ivy plant," says ear nose and throat specialist Bridget Loehn.

For Todd, it was treated with steroids, and antihistamines, but it's not something to blow off, because any allergic reaction can be life-threatening.

So remember when you collect wood, or clear the brush for a fire, make sure there is no poison ivy in the area. Even if you've burned poison ivy before and had no health problems, others could be affected by inhaling the oils from the burning plant.

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