Nancy Vidaurre Pays It Forward: 12/16

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Pay it forward started out near the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center.

We set up with our Pay it forward sign seeking this weeks playmaker.

Nancy Vidaurre spotted our sign first. She knew exactly who she wanted to help out.

Nancy chose Delilah Rangel. Delilah is a coworker at UMC. Nancy told us that Delilah is a very giving person. She wants to do something for Delilah this time around.

We went to UMC where we had to draw Delilah outside from work. Delilah was surprised and not sure what was going on.

Nancy explained then she counted out $300.

Delilah was thankful, but, the story does not end here. Delilah knows another coworker named Michelle. She knows that she has been struggling lately.

Delilah wanted to give some of her money to her. We then surprised Michelle.

Delilah counted out some of her money to Michelle. Michelle was shocked. She tearfully explains that it was very nice of Delilah to think of her.

This edition of Pay It Forward truly displayed the spirit of giving.

Be looking for our pay it forward sign soon! You could become our next playmaker!