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Texas one of the best states for winning lottery


With tickets in hand and dreams of cash running through their heads, the wait for many here on the South Plains is underway.

Soon, they'll know the results of a near-record setting Mega Millions Jackpot.

"I would love to win it," said Lubbock resident Juanita Gonzales. "That's a large amount of money for one person but, hey, we all need to get lucky somewhere along the way."

"It would be a large amount of money to win," Chris Shorter said. "It would be nice."

"I just hope someone here in Texas wins it because I'm getting tired of someone out of state winning it all," Johnny Ramirez said.

Ramirez' hope could be someone else's gain. The pay out for Mega Millions is an estimated $636 million, but after federal and state taxes, a person would get around $260 million.

In contrast, a winner in Texas would receive just over $300 million, thanks to no state income tax. Texas is one of the eight such states participating in the lottery, and people everywhere are hoping they get to splash the cash. 

"I'd probably disappear for a while, go on vacation or extended vacation, put my kids through college and enjoy myself," Shorter said. "Early retirement - I know that."

"I'd help my kids out," Gonzales said. "They're in a bind right now so I'd help my kids out mostly."

"I don't even think about it," said Levelland resident Bert Gibson. "I would pay off debt I guess. I would hope I would give most of it away."

The draw is scheduled for 10:12 p.m. KCBD will have live updates on air and online as soon as those numbers are announced.

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