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High Definition Hearing Aids

If you find yourself asking people to repeat things a lot or if others complain you've got the radio up too loud, you may be one of the 28 million Americans with hearing loss. Here's what's new. Just like TV sets, hearing aids come in high definition now. This is thanks to a new generation of digital devices.

"It's fabulous. It sounds good. Where 20 years ago it sounded like garbage," says Deborah Price, audiologist.

Since hearing aids are just like microphones, the analog ones pick up everything including background noise at the same levels. But the new digital ones, filter out the background junk.

Different audio channels are adjusted on the computer to maximize the best results for each individual. By the way, hearing aids aren't just for seniors anymore.

Deborah says they're seeing younger and younger patients who really benefit by wearing hearing aids because we have a huge generation of young adults now with damaged hearing due to noise pollution or loud blaring music.

If this sounds familiar, why not make the call and check out digital hearing aids. They are widely available in Lubbock.

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