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The Magic Eraser: Does It Work?

Three-year-old Ben Slyker loves to color. It's not unusual for kids Ben's age to color in places they are not supposed to. That's where the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser may come in handy. Not only does it say it can remove crayon, but dirt and grime from places all over your home. It costs at least $2.99 a box, but Does It Work?

Karin Slyker's job is to clean up after her son. She has bought the Magic Eraser to help. First, the instructions say to wet the sponge and ring it out thoroughly.

Karin put the sponge the work. In no time, she removed the scuff marks from Ben's Thomas the Tank Engine table. Ben also scribbled crayon on the wall, just for the purpose of this test. Mom removed the marks with no problem. "Have you found that it is easy to use?" asked NewsChannel 11. "Yeah, it requires a little more rubbing. I have never found anything that has failed it," said Karin.

Karin says she can use the eraser over and over again and will usually last her a while. "It's real handy to have around and it is not expensive at all. I've gone through several packages," she said. Karin also testified that as long as she has kids, she will keep the Magic Eraser in her house. It works!

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