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Food for Thought: 12.26


We've got a mixed plate in this week's Food for Thought. KCBD NewsChannel 11's Christy Hartin dishes out the good news first.

Here's a look at our top performers:

  • Crawdaddy's at 5725 82nd
  • East Point Market at 1540 E. 19th is a new comer to the top of the list.
  • Dairy Queen at 8105 Indiana
  • Subway, inside the Flying J Travel Center, at 602 4th St.

Now to the bottom of the list.

Cujo's Sports Bar & Grill at 5811 4th was cited with six critical violations.

  • A single-serve cup of pico was above the safe cold temperature of 41 degrees.
  • Rice was not at least 135 degrees.
  • An employee did not wash their hands before putting on gloves.
  • Raw hamburger meat and ground beef were stored above corn and raw bacon.
  • A few items did not have the proper date-marking, and a couple other items did not have an expiration date at all.
  • Several toxic items were not labeled.

Management tells us everything was corrected during the inspection; the report shows that as well.

The Office Grill & Sports Bar at 5004 Frankford had eight critical violations.

  • Several food items were above the safe cold temperature.
  • Employees' uncovered drinks were in the kitchen area.
  • Raw ground beef was stored above whole cuts of beef.
  • Ready to eat chicken did not have a date mark.
  • The dish washer was sanitizing at toxic levels.
  • There was no thermometer in a prep cooler.
  • The microwave was dirty.
  • There was no certified food safety manager at the restaurant.

Most violations were corrected at the time of the inspection.

Click here to read the full report

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