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Satellite Television Has Never Looked So Good

Starting Thursday, if you're subscribed to the Dish Network, your options are now expanded. Lubbock and surrounding 18 counties can have access to local programming.

Satellite television has never looked so good. "If you want to watch NewsChannel 11 you'll simply go to our program guide, click on NewsChannel 11 and there it is," explains Robert Franklin of 21st Century Satellite.

Franklin says until now, one thing was missing as a subscriber to the Dish Network: local channels. It's new to Lubbock and the surrounding counties, but how does it work? "Up until now we've had to use an exterior antenna to pull in the local channels in conjunction with satellite programing," he says. Now local channels like NewsChannel 11 will be broadcast from a satellite, on the Dish Network. "At that point it comes straight into your house in digital quality to your receivers and it's broadcast on the television," demonstrates Franklin.

But before you decide to change the channel on your current cable provider Vickie Bennett from Cox Communications says there are other factors you should consider. "When consumers are choosing a cable provider you they need to look at more than just cost of the product," she advises.

Bennett says Cox has offered local channels for more than 30 years and the company's services continue to expand. "We're more than cable, we're your high-speed internet provider and soon we're going to offer telephone service in the market," she explains.

The addition of local channels to Dish Network means subscribers in small, rural communities that do not have access to cable can now get a clear picture of local channels.

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