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Teacher You Can Count On - Amy McInroe

Many people never discover their calling in life. For Amy McInroe that has never been an issue because she has always known she was born to teach.

"Just helping kids, I really feel that's what I was born to do. That's what I was made here to do," says McInroe, a fourth grade teacher at Wester Elementary.

Mcinroe even considers herself to be a second mom to her fourth grade students. Just ask her how many kids she has.

"I say oh I have 20, I have 20 kids because you belong to me I have you eight hours a day and I get to probably see you more than your parents do," says McInroe.

Besides playing part time mom, McInroe works hard to implement new technology in her math class. Her kids are working on a new program called the alpha smart and it allows students to work math problems on a wireless keyboard. When the student has completed the problem they use a remote connected to a large t.v. This allows Ms. Mcinroe to see who has completed the math problem and who is still working on it.

"Instead of o.k. lets do a math problem, you know lets get out the Alpha Smart. Let's type them out. Let's do the CPS units. They're always begging are we going to use the clicker today," says McInroe.

She says this modern way of problem solving allows her to quickly discover which students are falling behind. From there she does what has always come naturally.

"I try to find out you know if there's a kid that's struggling, what is it that you know that they're really interested in and make that part of the class to help them understand the problem more," says McInroe.

The desire to make each student a success and love for teaching is what makes McInroe a teacher you can count on.

"I hope they leave here knowing how much I love them. I always give them a handshake and a hug practically every day at the end of class and I tell them everyday, I do this because I love you.

When she's not being mom to her 20 students, McInroe enjoys gardening and traveling. Remember if you know of a teacher that deserves to be recognized, send an e-mail giving the reasons why to teacher@kcbd.com

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