A Hangover Cure for the New Year

A doctor in Vegas found quite the cure for a hangover, on New Year's Day…an IV to replace body fluids with vitamins and pain relievers.

"It's about fixing dehydration so your body gets back to its baseline as quick as possible. One percent of dehydration can cause profound nausea. Then you're not able to drink what your body needs to catch up. That's the kind of person we're perfect for," says Dr. Garff.

Dr. Andrew Garff runs a wellness spa in the MGM hotel in Vegas. His theory is the biggest culprit in a hangover is the dehydration that comes after the drinking wears off.

So, for about a $100, he sets up an IV that he believes can cure a hangover in about 30 minutes.

But is it safe?

Some medical experts say this could lead to bigger problems.

"They've got a solution to when they go get hangovers so it's ok they'll go out and i can drink to extremes and then I'll go get it fixed. There could be dangerous consequences with that," says Dr. David Obert with University Medical Center.

But for now, this appears to be another case of....What happens in Vegas... Stays in Vegas.

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