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UMC says no ACA patients so far


Three days after the plans became available, UMC says it hasn't seen anyone using insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

WFAA in Dallas reported a limited number of people using plans in Dallas-area hospitals as well.

The health care law states that no person can be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions.

The goal of the ACA is to encourage formerly uninsured Americans to seek medical attention they may have not pursued before because of cost, and to discourage people from going to emergency rooms for non-emergency situations.

But the struggle to sign up for the new plans forced the Obama Administration to reconsider their expectations for the plan.

Only 2 million Americans have signed up so far, a fraction of the 7 million they were hoping for.

The program saw a late surge last month with more than 1 million Americans signing up in December.

UMC advises that if you need to see a doctor for a non-emergency, find a clinic instead of the emergency room.

It will not only cut down on time, but cost.

The average ER visit can cost around $600. An average clinic visit is $75 to $100.

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