Google Glasses

Google's latest state of the art idea brings a high tech advantage to the operating room.

They're called "Google Glasses", which means a surgeon can wear a computer allowing for immediate access to the internet, as well as the ability to record video during surgery.

Dr. Anil Shah is a facial plastic surgeon in Chicago, and one of the first in the nation to test the device. He simply puts on the device, looks up, and he's internet connected. The voice activated glasses can display any information you need. So, a surgeon wearing these, with the flick of the finger, or a voice command, can call up medical information without taking his eye off the surgery.

"I think it helps the surgeon focus more on the case and what's relevant and just get rid of all the distractions on the outside," says Dr. Shah.

Google glass can also stream a live picture of everything Dr. Shah is seeing and doing, which could someday become mainstream in training medical students.

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