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HealthWise at 5 From 10.15

  • Alzheimer's Cholesterol

Could the key to Alzheimer's disease lie in cholesterol? New research in The Journal Neuron finds an experimental cholesterol drug virtually erased brain clogging plaque in mice with the disease. These plaques are believed to cause brain cell death and memory loss in Alzheimer's patients. Researchers say mice that got the drug also performed better than others on memory and learning tests. So now, they hope similar experimental drugs being tested in humans will be studied to find similar benefits in Alzheimer's patients.

  • Belly Fat

Nobody wants to be fat, but when it comes to women's health, some kinds of fat are better than others. Researchers have been studying the apple or pear theory, but just among women. They've found that again, the apple shape is at higher risk for heart disease. This is more so than women with fat in other places on the body. In studying post-menopausal women, researchers at Wake Forest University found abdominal fat was even more of a risk factor than aerobic fitness, body composition and inflammation.

  • Gastric Bypass Success

The newest trend in weight loss for those who need drastic measures is gastric bypass. Turns out that surgery can do more than just make a large person smaller. After following 20,000 patients who had that surgery for obesity, a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association says that along with weight loss, patients also lost some serious health problems. Eighty-six percent of patients either improved or completely resolved their type two diabetes, at least 70 percent improved their cholesterol levels and high blood pressure and 83 percent improved problems with sleep apnea.

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