Gentle Delivery: a fresh way to connect with your newborn

A c-section can be disappointing to some women who end up too groggy to enjoy the first moments when their baby is born. But now, more and more women faced with a c-section are opting for a new kind of birthing experience.

It's called the gentle c-section, where the mom is sedated in a way that she can see the baby at birth and enjoy immediate skin-to-skin contact.

Dr. Traci suit, an OB/GYN, says it's not just a benefit to the mom, the immediate bonding is huge for the baby.

"If you put the baby on the mom's chest, the baby itself will teach itself it to breast feed and in almost all cases, within an hour, they'll find the breast and latch themselves. Their heart rates are more stable. They're actually a little bit faster and that's what we want in a baby. Their respiration is better. In some places, they even use this to help with babies with immature lungs and transition syndrome," says Dr. Suit.

Dr. Suit adds there is also some evidence that this immediate emotional bonding between mother and baby can help reduce post partum depression.

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