Why millions of dollars are being paid back to consumers by weight loss companies

The Federal Trade Commission announced today that four companies will pay a total of 34 million dollars for trying to fool customers with deceptive advertising.

Here's the list: "Sensa"... Where you sprinkle something on your food to eat and lose will pay 26.5 million.

"L'occitane"... Where you rub it on your skin to slim down, will pay 450,000.

"H-C-G Diet Direct"...For promising a human hormone weight loss treatment will pay 7. 3 million.

And "Leanspa"... For promoting cleansing supplements through fake websites, was granted a suspended settlement because of its inability to pay.

"Consumers who based their new year's resolutions on the promised of quick and easy weight loss that these products make will be very disappointed. The claims are simply not supported by the evidence," says FTC Director of Bureau of Consumer Protection, Jessica Rich.

Now, all four of those companies are prohibited from making any future claims about their weight-loss products, unless they can back them up with at least two clinical trials.

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