ADHD: how you can connect better with your child

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, ADHD occurs in as much as 8% of preschool and school-age children. That means in every class of about 25 kids, there could be at least 2 with ADHD.

Dr. Tammy Camp, a pediatrician with Texas Tech Physicians, says identifying it early is the first step, and the clues are not always obvious.

"I think the kids who are easily diagnosed are those kids who demonstrate that hyperactivity, that on the go personality, talk excessively, but those kids who are a little more inattentive, who have difficulty with organizational skills, who have difficulty listening, are easily missed. We tend to see this more in boys, but it's probably because some of the things we see in girls maybe more these inattention symptoms maybe they're perhaps missed. If a child's struggling in school, having academic dysfunction, or if they're having difficulty with relationships with their peers, those are always good times to go seek help from a physician," says Dr. Camp.

Dr. Camp says the best treatment involves a combination of medication to calm the child, as well as behavior therapy to help learn organizational skills.

And that's something she says parents can start at home, by offering simple instructions so that kids learn to do things step by step, rather than getting over-whelmed with too many directions at once.

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