United Supermarkets to donate old uniforms to poor in Romania

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Imagine being so poor you can't afford clothing.  It's a reality for thousands of families in the country of Romania.  That is why a Lubbock business is stepping up to help, and they are using the shirts off of their backs.

Company-wide, the United Family of supermarkets employs about 12,000 people.  A lot of them work inside of the stores and are required to wear uniforms.  When a local non-profit called Red Page Ministries approached the company with an idea to use their old uniforms, it was an opportunity United didn't want to pass up.

Over the past several months, store management has called upon their employees to donate their used work uniforms.  Through the process, organizers have been able to accumulate hundreds of shirts.  Wednesday morning the company will begin sorting through all of the shirts and will prepare to ship them to Romania where residents can wear them.

Doug Hensley, who is the Communications Manager with United Supermarkets, says the idea behind the project is to help those in need.

"I think it's reflective of the company's heart. We have a lot of people who enjoy giving and want to give.  When they saw this opportunity, they lined up.  I think it's just reflective of the culture of this company," Hensley said.

United has been able to store all of the shirts inside of a warehouse owned by UDawg Graphics.  Red Page Ministries is helping to organize the shipping to Romania.

For more information about the organizations involved, visit the links below:

United Supermarkets:  www.unitedtexas.com

Red Page Ministries: www.redpageministries.org

UDawg Graphics: www.udawggraphics.com