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Making a Difference Day

Helping kids decorate pumpkins, distributing non-partisan voting literature, and washing windows were just a few projects that volunteers from all over Lubbock participated in as part of the annual Make a Difference Day. One group of volunteers was working hard to beautify the landscape at the Volunteer Service Center.

In one afternoon, they hope to clean up the flower bed and plant some flowers at the same time. The group believes there efforts will help keep Lubbock safe.

"One of the things I know from working with the Neighborhood Association is that crime goes down when you take pride in your neighborhood," says Donna Zartman,  volunteer.

Gardening isn't the only way people are making a difference in Lubbock on Saturday. At the South Plains Food Bank, volunteers were getting a bit of an upper body workout while also perfecting the art of the perfect stroke.

"We're thinking about going professional," says Heather Rajcic, volunteer.

The goal of this project was simple.

"We need to get some paint on the wall," says Jennifer "Red" Lindsey.

Jennifer better known as "Red" was put in charge of recruitment.

"I called my friend at eight (Saturday) morning and said get your butt out of bed," says Lindsey.

They're quickly discovering it takes some skill to get the job done.

"Getting the paint in between the bricks and the cracks, that takes a certain amount of talent," says Lindsey.

Learning both the ins and outs of painting is a sacrifice the group is willing to make in order to give back to their community.

"I like doing projects like this. I like helping people and everyone else does to," says Rajcic.

"You just get a certain amount of satisfaction out of it. It just makes you feel good for helping people out," says Lindsey.

The Make a Difference Day is coordinated by the United Way, the Lubbock Avalanche Journal, and The Volunteer Center of Lubbock. It was estimated that more than 250 volunteers donated their time to 11 different projects across Lubbock.

If you would like to get involved in some form of community service, you can  click here.

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