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Dale Young, a Hometown Hero


It was a call to duty that Dale Young was expecting.

"I went to the post office and got this letter from the president of the United States and I knew what it was," said Young, 82.

"It said, ‘You have been drafted into the Army and you will report immediately.'"

So Young backed his bags and he was on his way to Korea.

But what he didn't know was that the life lessons he would learn during his time there would shape who he would be 60 years later.

"It showed me how to appreciate life more than anything in the world. You only live one day at a time. Tomorrow's not promised, yesterday is gone, so if you live the day right, you don't have to worry about nothing else," he said.

Every week Young goes to the United grocery store on 82nd Street and Frankford Avenue and buys a week's worth of groceries for a disabled veteran and his family, free of charge.

"I get bread rolls, ribs, everything," he said.

He never went into detail about why he does it. He just explained why it is better to give than it is to receive.

Young served a rifleman in the infantry division, but, his most heroic actions weren't on the battlefield. He says it is right here in his home community.

Although we may never know exactly why this hometown hero pays for a family's groceries every week at United, we do know that it's much better to give than it is to receive.

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