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Codes enforcement cracking down on offenders who water during icy weather


Icy roads continue to be a concern in Lubbock, but we can't blame Mother Nature all the time. Runoff from sprinklers can result in slick streets and even cause accidents.

Water from sprinklers can leak into streets and create icy conditions that are just as dangerous as ice from natural causes.

KCBD Facebook followers complained about the issue and initiated a search for roads in the city that pose a threat because of water runoff.

Stuart Walker with City Code Enforcement says that while a first offense may only mean a warning, repeat offenders could face a fine of up to $200.

Walker said, "Once we see a violation or if we get a complaint and go out to look...depending on the aspects of the case, that inspector has the discretion to leave a notice or to write a ticket."

We saw three buildings back-to-back that showed irresponsible watering, with ice covering grass, trees and even sidewalks. But the real danger was the water that found its way onto 19th Street.

"What my inspectors are looking for right now are those systems that went off at 3 o'clock in the morning and turned the landscape into a winter wonderland," Walker said.

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