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Area school districts preparing for flu season


Flu season is in full swing. In Texas the virus is already being blamed for multiple deaths, but Lubbock school districts aren't seeing many cases so far.

"At this time I do not feel like we have a high number of what we're being told are flu cases," said Lubbock ISD Student Health Services Coordinator Micki Oates.

She believes educating students about prevention is helping to keep the numbers down.

"We're educating our students on prevention and our teachers about hand washing, coughing into their arm or their sleeve, telling them to stay home if you have a temperature of 100 degrees or more," she said. "Students often do still have trouble remembering to turn their heads or to use Kleenex or the elbow of their arm, especially younger ones, but the education helps.

Frenship ISD has also avoided the virus so far.

Attendance in class has been 96.9% and 96.7% for the last two days.

But Lubbock Cooper ISD has been dealing with some sick kids.

"Before Christmas we started to see our numbers rise. We have just come back from break and I think we are seeing some flu-like symptoms. I think it's probably just now starting for us," said Lubbock Cooper ISD Health Services Coordinator Kristy Rose.

Rose says January and February are peak months for the flu virus and prevention is important.

"Covering your cough is a big deal and your sneeze, because that's the way germs spread, by droplets. So if I cough in close proximity to you, I'm spreading the flu virus," Rose said. "For us to know that students have the flu, the parent has to tell us. We don't diagnose the flu, we just see if temperatures are high, or what we call flu-like symptoms which would be a high temperature, body aches and sometimes some vomiting."

Both Oates and Rose say the keys to prevention are washing hands often, sneezing or coughing into an elbow or sleeve. They recommend that you stay home if you have a temperature of more than 100 degrees, drink lots of water, and avoid sugary, carbonated drinks and exercise.

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