Practical resolutions for your new year

If you're having trouble with a new year's resolution, Dr. David Trotter, a psychologist at Texas Tech, offers some helpful tips to get your new year started off right.

He says no matter what time of year, when setting goals, you're less likely to fail if you start off small. Make it specific. Be flexible. And tell a friend.

"Support groups are very, very important; tell your family and friends what you're doing, because not only can they help support you when you're doing really well, but they can encourage you to get back on the horse when you're struggling," says Dr. Trotter.

And he says it is also helpful to keep a journal, because writing down your progress and your struggles can provide motivation.

By the way, Dr Trotter also adds that one of the most popular resolutions he hears is "I'm going to be healthier."

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