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Political Parties Uncovered: What Each is Doing on The Eve of Early Voting

Only hours before early voting begins, NewsChannel 11 uncovers what each party in Lubbock County is doing in preparation. Rounding up their troops: that's what the Democratic party in Lubbock County is doing, targeting registered voters and encouraging them to vote early.

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"We've made several hundred phone calls (Sunday). I haven't counted," explains Johnnie Jones, Vice President for the party. She says this time is no different than the rest of the campaign. "We have had people in the headquarters for weeks on end. Every day someone has been here doing this."

Volunteers working around the clock, with many others on the sidelines, waiting for their turn to help. Jones says the party's encouraged by voters' response, no matter what candidates they support. It's an energy she says keeps them going.

"There's an excitement there with the general populous that we haven't seen in a long time, and I just couldn't be happier to be working," reveals Jones.

Meanwhile, across town, it's a different story. As the Democrats prepare for early voting, things are quiet at the Republican Headquarters as members take a day of rest, but a Republican party member tells NewsChannel 11 they don't plan on being left in the dark. They will resume work on Monday afternoon, and the Democrats take full advantage.

"We get it over with and done with, and on election day, we just get to sit back and enjoy ourselves," says Jones.

Meanwhile, the Libertarian party of Lubbock also took the day off but will continue working Monday. To find a polling location, you can (click here).

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