RealView Imaging

An Israeli company says it has developed the first 3-D holographic technology for use in the operating room.

It's called "RealView Imaging", and they say they've just completed a successful clinical study at Schneider Children's Hospital in Israel, in which surgeons used live-action 3-D holograms on patients beating hearts to help them operate.

"So I think that because we deal with 3-D patients, having their 3-D imaging in 3-D, or 4-D because it works with real time is a great advantage because we can see what's happening with the anatomy while we're doing the actual procedure," says Dr. Elchanan Bruckheimer, the RealView imaging medical director.

Unlike other 3-D systems, this technology doesn't require special eye-wear and creates real images rather than illusions.

RealView says it plans to launch the system for real, rather than for study, sometime in 2015.

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