Childhood autism, why the vision doesn't match the sound

Ever notice when you watch an old "B" movie that what you see and what you hear don't exactly match up? A new study suggests children with autism may have a similar problem, matching what they hear, with what they see.

"We really use that as an analogy of how children with autism may be interpreting their sensory world, in that there's a de-synchronization between the auditory information and visual information," says Dr. Mark Wallace, with Vanderbilt University.

This comes after researchers compared over 30 high-functioning autistic children to those who are typically developing on time.

Now, Vanderbilt researchers are looking into what they might provide to autistic kids to help with lip sync issues. Researchers add they have found some evidence that autistic children may outgrow this synchronization issue by their teens, but it could still leave an impact on their speech development.

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