Baby Wipes: could they be hurting your child rather than helping them?

You may think a skin rash is eczema or psoriasis, but it could instead be an allergic reaction to baby wipes, something a lot of people use for more than just wiping down a baby. You might even keep a box in your car just for cleaning up a spill.

At any rate, a new study at the University of Connecticut finds a chemical preservative used in baby wipes can trigger a reaction in some people. That chemical is called MI, and it's blamed for this rash around the lips of a child, after mom wiped her messy mouth with baby wipes.

"Well that was a very extreme example and that was actually the first case that enabled me to make the connection between the wipes and the rash," says Dermatologist Mary Chang, with the University of Connecticut.

Dr. Chang and her team in Connecticut found the rash disappeared in many cases after the baby wipes were put away.

Wipes-maker Kimberly-Clark says it is aware of the study, and is introducing wet wipes that are MI free for sensitive skin this month.

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