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Teacher You Can Count On - Steve Oswalt

Steve Oswalt left life as a farmer to become a teacher at Abernathy High School. His years of hands-on work in the field come alive in the classroom as students get involved in a class that is like no other.

"Wildlife is a very varied class that's a lot of fun for all the kids because we get to apply things and we do everything from fish and agriculture on to being certified as hunters," says Oswalt.

It's his personal interaction with his students that makes his class even more unique.

"He's more involved," says Bergen Bybee, a student at Abernathy High School.

"He's like a teacher that doesn't keep you sitting in your chair," says Soeren Dalby, a foreign exchange student from Denmark.

When Oswalt teaches he literally takes his students outside of the classroom. When they're not learning about various plants and wildlife, they take a little time out to do some fly fishing. It's just another opportunity Oswalt takes to give his students a greater appreciation for nature.

"It's very hands on. I like for my class to be very hands on and we'll get to go out and touch the thing that we do and we'll go out and see as much as we can," says Oswalt.

His appreciation for nature and his hands on teaching approach is what makes Oswalt a teacher you can count on.

Outside of the classroom, Oswalt believes in practicing what he teaches. Its the perfect excuse to do his favorite things which of course are hunting and fishing. If you would like to nominate a teacher, send an e-mail to teacher@kcbd.com.

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