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Family Copes With Loss of 2-Year-Old Son By Alleged Alcohol-Related Fatality

Two-year-old Kaleb Trevino's death marks the 5th alcohol-related fatality this year. Police say 4 out of those 5 victims were children. Tonight, a message from Mothers Against Drunk Driving about life threatening choices that can be prevented.

"The loss of that life is just total devastation. They'll be dealing with this for the rest of their lives, it never ends," says Shannon Ramos, with Lubbock's Mothers Against Drunk Driving. For Christel Trevino and her family facing the loss of 2-year-old son, Kaleb, is only the beginning of a life-long struggle to cope.

Ramos will be working with the family but says her counsel won't bring back their baby. "The children were all restrained and parents do all they can to make sure their children are safe and then when a driver gets on the road and has been impaired and takes these lives it's just extremely sad and extremely difficult," she says.

Ramos explains it's a grim reality the Trevino family must face. The maximum penalty for intoxicated manslaughter is 20 years, that's a sentence Ramos says all juries should award to offenders. "It would send a message to people that in Lubbock County that drunk driving isn't tolerated," she says.

Her goal is to continue to raise awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving, a message she never gets tired of repeating. "When you see the picture of these children just stop. Just tell yourself stop- this is enough, I'm not going to do this anymore and don't do it."

MADD will soon kick off their Red Ribbon Campaign, an effort to promote driving responsibly during the holidays.

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