L.D. Whitlock, a Hometown Hero

L.D. Whitlock, a Hometown Hero
L.D. Whitlock, a Hometown Hero
L.D. Whitlock, a Hometown Hero

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Dr. L.D. Whitlock got married six weeks before leaving for the Second World War. He spent the next two and a half years writing letters to his bride, love notes they still have 70 years later.

"Yes it's been...it's been quite a while," said 90-year-old Oneta Whitlock, untying a stack of tattered letters.

"Oh this is in 1943! That was one of the first ones!" Oneta said.

L.D. and Oneta met just months before he was called to duty in 1943.

"Every boy in town knew this cute girl had come to town…and everybody is wanting to date with her, including me," said. L.D., now 89 years old.

So L.D. said he made his move, they got married, and just six weeks later he was off to serve as a navigator in World War II…leaving his beautiful bride behind.

"Young, just married to a cute little girl...it was tough," L.D. said.

But distance is just a number to Dr. Whitlock.

While he was training to navigate B-24's in the Army Air Corps, he would find the time to write to his sweetheart every day.

Many of them start with, "My darling."

"It just takes you to make my world twirl around," L.D. said, reading one letter out loud.

L.D. was not deployed during World War II, but he was sent to the mountains of Korea in 1951, serving as a dentist during the Korean War. And the love letters resumed.

"How lonesome I am and how very much I miss you," Oneta read.

During his two and a half years there, Dr. Whitlock said he learned to appreciate life and what it takes to have a long, loving marriage.

"I think you have to give and take. You just have to work things out because you're going to have some disagreements, no doubt about it. But you just have to be able to take it and live, stay together," he said.

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