H1N1...Motivation for many to get the flu vaccine

You may not have the flu in your family or in your child's class at school…yet. But it is invading our emergency rooms and critical care units in Lubbock.

On a recent day, 1/4 of the patients in intensive care at UMC were there because of the flu, some on ventilators. Dr. Isham Huizar is a critical care specialist, and he says he cannot understand why people are letting it get this far, when it is so easy to protect against the flu.

"I think it is silly that as cheap as a vaccine is and as little discomfort as it can cause to these people, you know you have them critically ill in a hospital, critically ill in the ICU and that's so much worse than a little vaccine," says Dr. Huizar.

He also says that even if you were exposed before you got the flu shot, and ended up sick anyway, he says the flu shot can at least lessen the severity of your illness, hopefully keeping you out of the hospital.

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