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Consider This...Your feedback on TTU Basketball

Lots of feedback has come in about my last editorial asking for more support from fans at Texas Tech home basketball games, and there's a common theme in the response.

One gentleman writes:

"The ticket prices are too high for retired persons who would also like to take grandchildren."

Another viewer says:

"To be honest, I would attend basketball games but I can't afford My question: Would it not be better to lower prices to fill the seats?"

Another viewer sent in an iPhone message that says:

"Reduce the ticket price and fans will show up, we would."

Another viewer wrote in and said she has followed both basketball programs since the 1980's. Her point is she would attend the games if they were more fan friendly.

She says: "Lower the ticket prices (and) have the games on consistent days of the week."

Consider this:

I'm not exactly sure how to run an NCAA basketball program. but I do know the basic math. and these viewers make a lot of sense.

It seems there are lots of folks that would go if the tickets cost less, so lowering the price of the supply would increase the demand. The result? More revenue from cheaper ticket sales, and equally as important, more fans in the stands to help build winning teams.

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