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Bluffton neighbors furious over mailbox vandalism


People in the Bluffton community of Woodbridge have had it and want to know who is responsible for vandalizing their neighbor's property.

The latest incident involved someone blowing up the mailbox.


They say it's the second time someone has blown up this mailbox and they're tired of it.

"And all of a sudden, we heard a loud BOOM!" said BJ Oliver.


"And it shook that wall," said neighbor Patti Allen who was sitting in her living room.

"It was such a loud explosion, it sounded like a bomb," she said.

Both rushed out to see what happened.

"It was a huge white cloud of smoke and it started dissipating and we realized that the mailbox was blown up. It exploded for some reason," said Oliver.

The explosion triggered his car alarm and woke up the other neighbors.

"This is like scrap metal," added Oliver, who picked up more of the debris Friday with Allen.

They even found one piece on his roof.

"It does appear that somebody probably put a bottle rocket, some type of explosive in the mailbox to detonate it," said Sergeant Robin McIntosh, Beaufort County Sheriff's Office.  

We're told this is the second time someone has blown up this mailbox. The first time was last July 4.

The homeowner, who wouldn't talk on camera, says she's lived here for 12 years with her son.

In the last year, they say people have dumped Christmas decorations as well as tinsel and toilet paper in their yard.

The vandals even left this note behind: "Did we spread it around enough?"

On another occasion, Oliver says he found all 16 of his patriotic flags around their property.

"I had to buy all new flags, they broke all the sticks, it's very disrespectful, that means a lot of me, my family as well as children who are serving right now for America," he said.

"Who does this and gets away with this? I want them caught," said Allen.

If you have any information about this case, please contact the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office.

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