Toe to thumb: why it's a more common surgery than you might think

We have an update on a man in Maryland, after surgeons found a creative way to bring back the use of his left hand.

Corey Taylor lost his left thumb in a saw accident two years ago. Doctors couldn't save the thumb, so they replaced it, with his big toe. And now, Taylor is back in the news to show how well he has recovered with this toe-thumb.

"I can do everything I was able to do before with no problem," says Taylor.

"All of the elements of the toe are all of the elements of the missing thumb so you have bone tendon nerve skin soft tissue everything you need is down there," says Dr. Ryan Katz, who was Taylor's hand surgeon.

Dr Katz says it's a fairly common transfer, and most patients don't have any problem with balance after losing a toe, but it does take months of physical therapy to learn how to use this new thumb like the old one.

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