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DeBarge ex-wife talks about misery of being stalked

As he's done before, Gerald DeBarge disrupted the hearing by noisily dropping to the floor and then breaking into song:  My Country Tis of Thee, at the top of his lungs.

Deputies cleared the courtroom until DeBarge could be removed.  Then everyone returned and Judge Mike Canaday finished the hearing without DeBarge. 

DeBarge's ex-wife Aimee Glatt is the victim of the stalking for which he will now serve five years.

"I feel like this is a good day for Lake Charles on victims rights.  It's good for women to see that you can do this.  You might not get  taken too seriously in the beginning.  There's a lot of ground work you have to lay for cases like this.  You have to show pattern, you have to show a lot.  But in the end it's all worked out and I'm just relieved and thrilled," she said.

While some people may not see stalking as a serious crime, Glatt says he caused tremendous misery for her and her family.  She says she has truly feared for her life.

"Gerald DeBarge himself, twice, on two separate occasions, looked me dead in the eye and said, because he has had two ex wives before me, that 'if you ever leave me I will kill you, cause I'll never go through another property settlement.'  He told me that twice, on two separate occasions.  I even went to my job and told all the girls at my job just in case something happened to me that they would know.  I believe him," said Glatt.

Glatt speaks out to give hope to others suffering from a stalker to show that persistence can bring about justice.

"Don't get discouraged because your complaint cards start stacking up.  I think I had at one time about 80 of them," said Glatt.

Assistant District Attorney Tara Hawkins encourages such victims report each and every incident to authorities to pave the way for successful prosecution.

"They can make a record and you have a file that's being built based on  your complaints.  It's documented.  You've brought law enforcement in.  It shows the seriousness which you took the offense and also a pattern," said Hawkins.

She says victims can also get help seeking stay away orders through police or the women's shelter. To hear more from Hawkins about what's needed to prosecute stalkers, look for our web extra on stalking.

Glatt  hopes with debarge locked up, she can have the peace she and her family need.

Besides stalking his ex-wife, DeBarge is known for sending a large volume of mail to many public officials, media and others in the community.

Debarge's defense attorney declined to do an interview, but indicated she does plan to appeal.

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