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Company estimates $3 mil in damages from cotton mote fire


The embers are still smoldering at the Fiber Brite building, but the owners are already making plans to rebuild.

General Manager Mike Tomlinson is estimating the damage to nearly $3 million. Fortunately the building is insured.

Fiber Brite is a cotton supplier that focuses on purifying cotton motes from local cotton gins. A mote contains the cotton fibers that include significant amounts of stems and seeds.

After those motes are purchased, it's Fiber Brite's job to salvage any fibers woven into the jumble of seed and stem.

"We extract that usable fiber in here and we put it in bales and that's what we sell," Tomlinson said.

But now the building's contents are little more than heaps of ash.

Tomlinson said that it could take a few more days to completely cool.

But after the fire runs its course, the next step is to tear down the building and start anew.

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