Carbon Monoxide poisoning: what you need to know

You might think any concern about carbon monoxide exposure is past, since your heater has been tested a lot this winter, but Dr. Victor Test, an internist at Texas Tech, says there's always the chance you could have low levels of carbon monoxide at home, that could build up and become life threatening over time.

"One of the warning signs we see are people who leave the home and their symptoms fade away when they leave, and when they come back, their symptoms come right back," says Dr. Test.

Dr. Test says there are certain factors that could make you react faster to carbon monoxide poisoning, than someone else with the same exposure.

Women who are pregnant, the elderly, patients with heart disease, and smokers all face a greater risk of carbon monoxide climbing faster to toxic levels.

Don't forget, a carbon monoxide detector is cheap, and well worth the investment.

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