Governor Perry hoping to make medical marijuana legal in Texas

Today, the governor of Texas took a stand publicly on the issue of marijuana.

Governor Perry says he believes states should be allowed to legalize marijuana, in part to help relieve the overcrowding in our prisons, since many marijuana offenders end up there.

Perry says as governor, he will do what he can to move Texas in the direction of taking the criminal side out of marijuana use.

It's an issue lawmakers in many states are considering. In Alabama, where there are pro-medical marijuana bills in the house and senate right now. One legislator said it's not just a criminal issue. There are patients hoping for easier access.

"I'm a career law enforcement officer. I know that these people who love their families, who are seeking help, who are not doing this to get high, they should not be under threat of prosecution," says Mike Ball, 10th district representative.

Currently, in Louisiana, there is a law allowing doctors the ability to prescribe medical marijuana. The problem is, patients in Louisiana are still not allowed to buy it.

But, it is legal to buy in Colorado and Washington.

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