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Check these rules for proper placement of political signs


As the political season approaches, the city code enforcement office is working to make sure political signs outside homes and businesses don't cause trouble for travelers.

There are specific rules for different locations. For example, signs near roads can't be any bigger than 36 square feet.

Stuart Walker, Director of Code Enforcement for the city, says they're concerned with what he calls 'the visibility triangle.'

"Visibility triangle is generally on a corner lot," Walker said. "It's the area where people have to look through to see down the street looking for cross traffic."

Signs bigger than 2 feet by 2 feet could be hazardous for drivers, so signs are required to be at least 10 feet from the road.

Homeowners are asked to keep signs on their property and follow the city code.

City code states:

Signs can't exceed 36 square feet in size.

Signs on commercial and private properties must stand a minimum of 10 feet from nearby roads.

For homes with sidewalks, signs can't be any farther in the front yard than the edge of the sidewalk.

Homes without sidewalks must keep signs 10 feet from the road.

Banners and pennants are not permitted.

No signs may be attached to any utility pole or attached to fences.

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