Why doctor says weight gain might not be thyroid problem

We tend to think about weight problems as the tell-tale sign of thyroid trouble, but there are so many more clues than that.

January is thyroid awareness month. Dr. Shaili Felton is an endocrinologist from Covenant. She says even signs of mental illness can be traced to a thyroid that is not working like it should.

"We can actually see a lot of anger, irritability, anxiety that presents as symptoms of an over-active thyroid, when people already have depression, we know that when you have an under-active thyroid, or hypo-thyroidism, that can make it worse. It's just a matter of ordering the appropriate blood tests, then, if we do find that that is the problem, we do have ways to treat both hyper and hypo-thyroidism."

Dr. Felton also says she is concerned with all those folks who assume a weight problem or some condition is a thyroid issue, when it's actually something else that should be treated.

She adds that the first thing you should do is ask your doctor for a thyroid test. It's a simple blood test, and the first step to getting treatment, or ruling out the thyroid as the problem.

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