Why bad Mondays, might be because of the "Sunday night blues"

If you think you're sluggish on Monday morning, there may be a reason for that, but it's not because you're dreading another work week.

A new study suggests a new theory, that on Monday, we are "recovering" from the Sunday night blues.

"There's a sense that the good times are ending and tough times are coming. It can translate into a lowered mood, an increase in worry, or anxiety and irritability as well," says Dr. Scott Bea, who is with the Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. Bea says it's informally coined as the Sunday night blues, and he thinks it applies to most of the nation's workforce, judging by a recent monster.com poll in which 78% of those responding said they experience the "Sunday night blues."

But, here's what dr. Bea says we can do to fix that. He says plan a fun activity on Sunday night, like family night at home, with popcorn and a movie, to help curb the Sunday night blues.

He says try not to use Sunday night for all the chores before the new week, like washing clothes, doing homework, making a lunch for school the next day.

He says try to do those things earlier in the day, so your Sunday night is just a fun night.

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